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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Comparing blessings

Genesis 27:35-45
The Blessing gone wrong.... (in Esau's mind)
Esau's response
Isaacs response
Esau's blessing... And his grudge..and threat

Mirma. Deceit and trickery..Rashi says it means wisdom ...Aramaic translation different from other places where it is equated with evil.
Rambam. Two kinds of cunning...permissible vs malicious... The fine line between using your wits vs crossing into the evil.
Eli Munk .. About how Jews need to operate in a hostile environment which is reflected in the Jacob incident here.., need to outsmart the people around them and there is a fine line that can be crossed.
Bitter sarcasm ... Expresses it with some irony...reference to the names. Jacobs name linked to "heel" but also to the word "crooked". Wordplay in this referenced to the name.
Soforno ..a man's name reflects his actions and character.

Baby Name Report Card: Beneficial and Harmful Baby Names
by Albert Mehrabian, Ph.D.

The second half of Jacob's life he is the victim of deception.
Word- Atsalta .. Denominative Verb used as noun. reserve or set aside...another blessing.
Isaac .., made Jacob the master over Esau ..what is left?
Esau not satisfied v38 he argues with his father and then bursts into tears.
Esau's Sense of him a bit of a human qualities, sympathy lie with Esau ... .family conflict. Common identity based on sibling rivalry.

The blessing. Of Esau foretells the differences between them as well as the connection.

Revolutionizes the idea of only a blessing for the eldest. From here forward there is a blessing for all the children.

Comparing the blessings between Jacob and Esau...very similar.
Alter. Says not much different.
Sarna. Over lordship cannot be shared. Jacob reversed order..which first.
God not mentioned in the blessing for Esau.
Sarna ..naturalistic terms. From..abode far from the "fat of the earth" ...kind of a reversal of the blessing of Jacob.
Munk.. Jacob..blessings from God.. Esau from nature rather than from God.
Blessings - Esau focus on material goods Jacobs more spiritual. Is a forecast on the future.

Serve brother then break the yoke. (forecast of history) The Edomites are subordinate to Israelites but later they will overtake them. Forecast time of King David's victory under them... Then after the time king yuran(?) the Edomites revolt and break away from the kingdom. Then under the king resin(?) Edomites take over and establish an independent kingdom...(hints of when it was written)

Eli Munk..sees that the Jews never have ruled...
Medieval Commentators equate Edom with Rome.
Maybe Isaac surprised himself with the second blessing!